Green Noodles Recipe

Today i dun know what am i thinking 😅 when i walk my dog and passing by my vegetable garden, i see there still so many greens growing 🌱 there’s a kale, leeks, chard, rocket leave, and spinach 😍

My eyes go green whenever i see green vegetable lol 😂 anyway i was thinking about ” what am going to cook for dinner ? ” i asked myself . And soon after i see that greens i tought how about cooking green noodles ? Yes ? With extra vegetable and turkey patties ? Sound good rite ? 😍

So here my green noodles 👇

Green noodles, broccoli, and turkey patties

Anyway when i said green noodles not a green noodles lol 😂 but a normal noodle 🍝 in green sauce 😋 i suppose using pasta instead of noodle will work just fine 😉

Here the recipe i’ve promised 😇

Note : cook for two 💑

for the noodle you need :

* 2 portion of Wholemeal noodles or whatever noodle you like 😉 (eggnoodle, freshnoodle, pasta etc… will work just fine)

* 2 handfull of spinach about 50 gram ( i mean not just an open handfull but i grab spinach and i fill up my hand with it 😆 ” sorry i am a greedy greens eater ” 😛

* a handfull of parmisan cheese ( this really a handfull 😆 )

* 5 garlic ( i love garlic 😍 but if you not a fun of garlic you migh just use 1 or 2 😉 )

For the turkey patties you need :

* 150 gram minced turkey ( beef, lamb, chicken, or pork 😉 work just fine )

* 5 garlic ( and again i really do love garlic 😆 but if you dont just use as little as you like 😇 )

* a half of big onion

* a handfull of chopped carrot

* 1 stalk of green onion (chopped)

* an egg

* salt and pepper to taste

* 1tbsp sesame oil (optional)

* 2tbsp oil to fried ( i use coconut oil, but you might use vegetable oil or olive oil )

for extra vegetable you migh use any vegetable 😉 i personally steam some broccoli and carrots.

How to cook :

Noodles 🍝👇

1. Boil the noodles untill cook enough and drain *set aside

2. Boil the spinach and garlic untill tender soft ( drain the water )

3. Put the boiled spinach and garlic and parmisan cheese into blender add a bit of water, blend it till smooth till you see it green mixture .

4. Return the noodles into the pot add the green mixture cook for a couple minute and done 😉 (if you like a bit salty you migh add a bit of salt)

Turkey patties 👇

1. Put all ingredient into food processor and process till mix well.

2. Heat the frying pan and add the oil, spoon the patties mixture into the hot frying pan, cook with medium heat till both side are done 😉 about 4 minute each side and you are done 😍

Extra vegetable (optional)

and that’s it 😍 you ready to enjoy a healthy yummy food 😇

Have a lovely day 😇