Red Squirrel in my Garden & verandah

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well it’s been a while since my last post about Red squirrel in my garden, more than 2 month now and here my new post about Red squirrel in my place.

This red squirrel the one is pregnant that time more than 2 month a go and i think now this squirrel been give birth to their kitten but so far i did not see any squirrel kitten,


what i love with this capture was the pose of the squirrel just like the look of the wooden one !


here the video of this squirrel eating in my verandah,

this the new house and new feeder i have made for them,


the new feeder is made from glass bottle that i can fill it and it will be self feeder as the seed keep coming from the upside down bottle,


i have this idea since we have to went away to Holland that time for 5 days, i keep thinking of this squirrel what can i do to keep them coming to my place even i am not here, so come accross my mind maybe i’ll try to make self feeder and i did! and it work! so before i go to Holland i fill up all the bottle !


oh it’s rain dear 😀 but fine this squirrel seem dont mind at all 😀


and here the video of this squirrel, still keep eating in the rain

L 😀 L

have a good day people ^__^