Helooo all…wah sorry i forget to change this after i change my domain name, wich previous name was istribulebagus and now is imavandam. lemme tell you why i change this blog name okay…

Berawal dari someone *teman bloger yg nyari blogku dengan nama imavandam (yg waktu itu nama blogku masih istribulebagus) ya iyalah gak ketemu hehe. Trus aku pikir oh kenapa gak aku ganti nama blogku jadi imavandam ya? Dia jawab : iya mbak imavandam keren loh. oh yea akhirnya aku ganti deh xxxx

Tapi isi blognya  sih sama aja seputar kehidupanku sebagain Nyonya.vandam xxx

Mainly for now this blog will be my yoga journal book lol ^__^

Terima kasih sudah mampir di imavandam blog xxxx




38 thoughts on “About

    1. Oh yeah…he does indeed 😍 well in western country now days getting more and more a man yogis you know 😉 if you have IG u can check @yogaformens 😉


  1. Thank you a lot sister, for your encouragement but I am too old for it 🙂 So, how is it going in the western world and is raining often in the UK?

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    1. Soon 😍 on this desember as my husband dont like winter 😅 he always went away whenever winter comes 😆 i live in UK since may 2015 last years only 😆


  2. So, when winter comes you and your husband move to Indonesia lives there until summer comes back to the UK ? 🙂 Oh only one year that is not long. So, do you like the UK?

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    1. All winter only then we back on early spring 😅 yea i love UK were i live so many woodlands 😍 i like woods wild place 😆


  3. That is awesome 🙂 I am happy for you. Seems your husband has a lot time, is he retired if I may ask? Because, Europeans are workaholics. They do not take it easy until they are retired 🙂 I lived in the western Europe for many years and worked at the tourism sector, from there I know them very well.

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    1. Well my husband doesnt reach that certain age for retiredment 😅 but he self-employ, and he actually ducth man but lived in UK more than 30ys but still ducth paspor holder 😅


  4. Ok my dear sister. Thank you a lot for your answering. Forgive me if ask questions that I shouldn’t. I appreciate for your kind conversation. That is very sweet of you. If you have facebook are welcome to be friend the same name on here.

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