Welcome to Ima Vandam Blog 😇

It’s my personal blog,  my yoga journal,  my lifestyle, i write what i like 😇

Anyway this blog connect to my Youtube channel ( Ima Van Dam ) my Youtube channel basically about 5 things :

1. Yoga 👉 easy tutorial for daily exercise

2. Cooking 👉 easy home cooking recipes

3. Sewing 👉 easy tutorial how to refashion old clothes into a new looks !

4. Beauty 👉 beauty tips | home remedies| nature remedies

5. Travelling 👉 just my own travel videos collection 😇

Terima kasih sudah mampir di imavandam blog xxxx




38 thoughts on “About

    1. Oh yeah…he does indeed 😍 well in western country now days getting more and more a man yogis you know 😉 if you have IG u can check @yogaformens 😉


  1. Thank you a lot sister, for your encouragement but I am too old for it 🙂 So, how is it going in the western world and is raining often in the UK?

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    1. Soon 😍 on this desember as my husband dont like winter 😅 he always went away whenever winter comes 😆 i live in UK since may 2015 last years only 😆


  2. So, when winter comes you and your husband move to Indonesia lives there until summer comes back to the UK ? 🙂 Oh only one year that is not long. So, do you like the UK?

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    1. All winter only then we back on early spring 😅 yea i love UK were i live so many woodlands 😍 i like woods wild place 😆


  3. That is awesome 🙂 I am happy for you. Seems your husband has a lot time, is he retired if I may ask? Because, Europeans are workaholics. They do not take it easy until they are retired 🙂 I lived in the western Europe for many years and worked at the tourism sector, from there I know them very well.

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    1. Well my husband doesnt reach that certain age for retiredment 😅 but he self-employ, and he actually ducth man but lived in UK more than 30ys but still ducth paspor holder 😅


  4. Ok my dear sister. Thank you a lot for your answering. Forgive me if ask questions that I shouldn’t. I appreciate for your kind conversation. That is very sweet of you. If you have facebook are welcome to be friend the same name on here.

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